Please note that in order to provide social distancing, our QuikTrip Maker Pack takeaway is the only public activity at Maker Faire Tulsa 2020.  The maker packs will be handed out in a drive through format.  A description of the QuikTrip Maker Packs can be found on our Participate page.  Interested families can register for QuikTrip Maker Packs here!



Maker Faire Tulsa will be held outside the Exchange Center at Expo Square Saturday August 29, 2020.



Exchange Center at Expo Square

4145 E 21st Street

Tulsa, OK 74112

918 744 1113

Please note that all fair activities will be located on the exterior (south side) of the Exchange Center.  No activities or visitor facilities are located within the Exchange Center.


Driving Directions to Expo Square

Visitors should enter Expo Square grounds from 21st Street at Gate 1 (traffic light).  Exchange Center is centrally located within the Expo Square grounds behind and to the north of River Spirit Expo.


Visitor Map

QuikTrip® Maker Pack Distribution Map (updated 7/17/20)


Visitor Parking

No visitor parking is provided during Maker Faire Tulsa 2020.  Visitors are asked to remain in their cars.