Family Technology Workshops with The Fab Lab at WorkChops

WorkChops is a makerspace for problem solvers and lifelong learners based in Dallas, Texas. They are taking their show on the road for this year’s Maker Faire Tulsa to “play tech” with whole families. Groups of two or three humans are best for the following workshops. If you have a question or a special circumstance, please contact us to discuss: or call/text 214-799-7537
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Maker Faire Tulsa
Central Park Hall at Expo Square

1701 South Sandusky Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74112

To learn more about us, visit our website:

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REGISTER: Hands-on Making: Junk Drawer Contraptions 

Think you need to spend money to be a maker? No way! There’s a whole world of making to be explored with “junk” you can find around your house. We’ll supply all the tools, techniques, and inspiration you need to make something original together.

All ages welcome. Space limited to 20 participants.

REGISTER: Intro to Coding: Scratch Spirograph

Have you heard of coding or Scratch but thought it sounded hard to learn? This workshop will walk you through your first creative computing project with enough time to hack it or to “remix” other projects from the Scratch online community.

Best for readers, 6/7 years and older. Space limited to 20 participants.


REGISTER: Invention Literacy: Makey Makey Game Controllers

The digital world and the physical world will merge in this workshop for makers, experienced coders, or anyone who is “circuit curious.” We will be learning how to use the world’s coolest microcontroller to invent a one-of-a-kind game controller. One family will even win a Makey Makey creation kit to take home for more hands-on exploration.

All ages welcome. Space limited to 20 participants.


REGISTER: MakeCode Warrior: Use Microsoft MakeCode to Program Microcontrollers 

MakeCode brings computer science to life by offering opportunities to make and code and merge the best of both worlds. We will introduce learners in this workshop to the development environment Microsoft has created for the BBC micro:bit and the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. Both pieces of hardware are durable and affordable, so if you love this stuff, it will be easy to start making and coding at home straight away!

Best for those who have used a computer and mouse previously, 8/9 and older. Space limited to 20 participants.


REGISTER: Arduino Basics: Get to Know the World’s most Popular Microcontroller 

The Arduino prototyping platform is the perfect place to start creating interactive objects or taking your electronics skills to the next level. We will be using sensors, motors, switches, and more to learn about input and output so you can be on your way to controlling your world with Arduino UNO and other boards and peripherals. We will also have a few Raspberry Pi projects you can tinker with so you can see the difference between a microcontroller and a single board computer like the Pi.

Best for humans with some exposure to coding, computers, and hardware, 10 year and older. Space limited to 20 participants.