Nerd Alert Contest Connections and Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. invites all Maker Faire Tulsa visitors to participate in an all-ages DIY costume contest.  Show off your hand-crafted sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, and pop-culture creations in this open call costume contest.


  • Location: Central Park Hall,  Main Stage
  • Time:  3:00 pm

Costume Contest Guidelines

  • Only costumes that have been hand crafted will be judged.
  • Contestants will be judged on craftsmanship, creativity, and effort put forth to create their costume.
  • Contestants must register at the Nerd Alert Contest Connection booth prior to the competition.
  • Pre-judging will take place at 2:00pm at the NACC booth
  • Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
    • Best Advance Costume
    • Best Novice Costume
    • Judges’ Favorite